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Hello, Dia duit, Sut mae, Bonjour!

I'm starting a new journal because I fancied a change. Not much to say at current, I live in Ireland and do nothing. Thinking about going back to college to study one of my passions. Any info based on any of this would be greatly appreciated so feel free to make a comment to any of my posts or comments.

I feel I am a very welcoming person and dislike this current teen style fad of "hating" everyone you haven't even met treating every person as an enemy. I don't surround myself with negative things in my life and here will be no different.

Thank you, Go raibh maith agat, Diolch, Merci.

Please note:

I may randomly add you if I find your blog interesting. If you have friends only posts you intend only to let friends read please don't feel obliged to add me. I am happy reading what is there but feel free to add me back if you please. All my posts are public.

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